Monday, February 16, 2009

V Day - Part I

Valentine's Day was simply stocked full of so much fuun, it can't be contained in one blog. Or two, for that matter. So now we begin a series of blogs on everyone's favorite commercialized holiday of the year - Valentine's Day!

So I had to get my best buddy Phillip a Valentine. I mean, if he didn't hang out with me so much, I wouldn't have nearly the awesome adventures to write about.

So whatcha got there, Phillip?

OMG! Your own Sailor Babo! Now you have your own Ugly! Jeero gives the best presents!

But wait, there's more!

Bacon! What's better than Bacon! for Valentine's Day??? I'll tell you what! Cookies!!! But Jeero ate the cookies. So Phillip got Bacon!

But wait! Phillip's a Muslim! How tragic, because Muslim's can't have Bacon!

I'm sorry you can't have Bacon! But guess what, that's not any Bacon! but yummy substitute Bacon!

It's gummy Bacon! No pigs were harmed in the makin of this Bacon! just gummies! What's a gummy?



  1. I have gummy bacon - my sister bought it for me!

  2. Gummy bacon? You're a nut but I love you for it!!