Thursday, February 5, 2009


So the other day, Jeero was called SCENE by this dude - I'm not naming names, other than to say that said dude is a wild-haired hippie wanna-be music elitest who whines when his brand new custom-built guitar isn't peerfect. Anyways, this got me thinking, what is scene? And am I scene?

Apparently Scene is the new hipster. Jeero is kinda hip, if I say so myself. And scene kids are just that, kids. They like toys, playgrounds, and coloring books. Check! Those things are all my favorites, that and cookies. And bed. And my human.

So what makes a scene kid? Wiki (man, I looves the internet) gives the following essentials:

1. You have to have some form of internet social networking - and here you fine folks are, reading Jeero's blog.

2. Scene hair - Jeero has no hair, I am covered in fur. Human has purple streaks in her hair, and my fur is blue. So check!

3. Self-confidence and attitude. Check! Check! and Check!

4. Use the Scene writing style, which apparently involves things such as extra letters in words and signing in <3 and xoxo. Hmm......

5. Use words like awesome, stellar, and rad. I think I'm on it!

6. Go to "shows". Well Jeero loves nothing more than music. That's like my other favorite. I have loots of favorites.

7. Dress appropriately. Well, I don't dress. Maybe Jeero should start. Jeero could at least invest in some fine accessories, like skuull necklaces and earrings. Maybe I can borrow some from human.

8. Scene kids take lots of pictures. That's what I started this blog for! To show off all Jeero's adventures with pictures! Duh!

9. Spell your name in odd ways. Hhm... Well, I'm not sure Jeero can be any odder. But I'd like to take this moment to clarify how to pronounce Jeero. See, I say my name like so: yee-ro. You know, like that yummy Greek sandwich. Except Jeero is not Greek.

10. Never admit that you are scene.

Well, that does it. Jeero is NOT scene!


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