Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Seeing as the human has taken a permanent position at another shelter, last night was our laast night with our good friends in Decatur for a long while. I had been volunteering there since last March, nearly a year, and so Jeero felt it warranted documentation.

I have had many fun nights in Decatur, and have made some great friends, who sadly, Jeero may never see again. But so we never forget, here is our little bed.

The bed is in the little volunteer office, where I spend the late nights reading, or working on such fun things as Sierra Club fundraising mailing.

I mean, why should you just volunteer for one organization at a time?

There are loads of fun things to do, like a community room stocked full of toys! Jeero's favorite!

And there is a great area outside to play. You can slide, play a little bit of soccer, and even basketball. All my favorites!

Bet you didn't know Jeero could dunk!

All in all, the Decatur shelter is a great place and I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to serve there. Sunday, I start at an international women's refugee shelter to make new friends!

O - and while hanging out in Decatur, I had to document the human's clumsiness. She fell this weekend at a restaurant - and hadn't even been drinking! What a dork!

Awesome skull band-aids make it better!



  1. I love that Jeero can dunk, that's so cute and funny! Love the blog as well :)

  2. Insane in the membrane! Shelter work is a great thing to do! I am proud of you for it.